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2024 - 2025 General Catalog and Student Handbook 
2024 - 2025 General Catalog and Student Handbook

Adult Education & Workforce Development


Adult Basic Education

The Bishop State Community College Adult Basic Education Program is a comprehensive educational program aimed at preparing adults age 16 and over for Pearson Vue’s GED Tests (General Educational Development). The GED Tests cover the academic knowledge and skills learned in four years of high school: reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics. The goal of the Bishop State Adult Education Program is to successfully prepare students for the GED Tests through instruction in math, language, and reading.

TABE Assessment Testing

To enroll in the Bishop State Adult Education Program, all individuals must participate in orientation. Orientation will allow our Adult Education faculty and staff the opportunity to welcome all new and returning participants. Participants will also develop and set goals, understand the parts of the GED and specify technology needs. Additionally, the TABE test will be administered to identify strengths and areas that need improvement in reading, language and math.

Orientation is held on Bishop State’s Caver Campus at 414 Stanton Rd. Mobile AL. 36617. To schedule an appointment, participants can use the link below to register.



Career Pathway Programs

All career pathway programs are offered free of charge
  • CNA
  • Phlebotomy
  • Medication Assistant
  • CDL Class B Permit
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality Front of the House
  • Hospitality Back of the House


  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • ACT Workkeys National Career Readiness Certificate
  • NorthStar Digital Literacy

Contact Information:

Phone (251) 662-5370

Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning

The Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning offers career readiness and professional and personal development opportunities through the following programs: 

  • Workforce Development 
  • Contract Training 
  • Distance Learning Education 
  • High-Stakes Testing 
  • Assessment Testing (Adult Basic Education and TABE) 
  • WorkKeys for Education, Employers, and Economic Development. 
  • Ready-to-Work 
Contract Training Programs

Cost-effective, Customized and Convenient 

Bishop State can design a training program that’s right for you, your business and your employees. 

A recent National Workforce Development study shows that businesses are turning to community colleges for training because it is cost-effective and convenient for them and their employees. While big industry is still the largest customer of community college training programs, the study showed businesses of all sizes are discovering the advantages of Bishop State’s contract training. Bishop State is proud to be at the forefront of this national trend. We’ve been building partnerships with area businesses and industries for decades by offering training assistance that keeps our local economy growing and our local citizens working. 

Training to Keep Your Employees on the Cutting Edge of Technology 

Training is an essential tool for success in any business. In today’s globally competitive marketplace, workers must have the opportunity to upgrade their skills on an ongoing basis. The current work environment demands that workers be lifelong learners to keep abreast of today’s technological changes, update current job skills, and prepare for the skills of tomorrow. Bishop State has developed customized contract training programs that really work for businesses and meet the workforce training needs of all types of industry. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business operation. 

Here are some of the benefits of Bishop State’s contract training programs, which are: 

  • Customized. We assess and identify your specific needs and develop programs to meet them. We can even design a program around your long-range business plan. 
  • Flexible. Training can be offered on-site at your business or on one of our convenient campuses. We can work with new employees, current employees or returning employees. Also, we can modify training for your company as your business needs change. 
  • Cost-effective. You’ll find effective quality training programs at affordable prices for your business. 
  • Many industries have found our program a great alternative to expensive in-house training programs. 
  • Suitable for companies of all sizes. Our contract training programs are suited for companies of all sizes: major corporations, mid-sized business operations, and small companies. 

Distance Learning

The mission of the Distance Education Department at Bishop State is to develop and deliver innovative learning experiences and promote student success through the purposeful integration of teaching and learning with technology in order to foster continuous learning, communication, and collaboration throughout Bishop State Community College and the extended community.

The goal of Distance Education at Bishop State Community College is to provide all qualified and willing persons an effective alternative path for life-long learning in higher education that is cost efficient for the College and student.

To learn more about the College’s distance learning programs, contact us at 251-405-7169 or visit the webpage, https://www.bishop.edu/student-services/student-support/online-learning

High-Stakes Testing

The ACT Center is the Central area of testing or High Stakes Testing where the College proctors for 21 boards of Certifications and oversee 154 different exams. The most common tests are ASWB, ABO, ADA, ASE, NASC, ABVM and Compass testing. NOTE: See below for test listings of acronyms.

Listing of Tests

ABO (American Board of Ophthalmology) ABPM (American Board of Pain Medicine) ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence)
ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) BOC (Board of Certification)
BU (Boston University)
CSA (Codes and Standards Assessments) CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration)
CIV (COMPASS Internet Version Remote Testing) CTS (Continental Testing Services)
Comira DevSquare
FSOT (Foreign Service Officer Test)
LSENP (Liebert Services, Emerson Network Power)
NITC (National Inspection, Testing, and Certification Corporation)
NMTCB (Nuclear Medicine Technology, Certification Board),
PAHCOM (Professional Association of Health Care Office Management),
Rockwell Collins,
RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association),
TESC (Thomas Edison State College),
WorkKeys/Career Readiness Certification

WorkKeys® Solutions Provider

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system that measures real-world skills, and: 

  • connects work skills, training, and testing for education and employers; 
  • makes it easier to meet the requirements of federal programs and legislation; 
  • supports economic and workforce development programs; and 
  • is the basis for the National Career Readiness Certificate

To learn more about WorkKeys Solutions, please visit http://www.workkeys.com


WorkKeys® for Education

The WorkKeys job skill assessment system is used in high schools and community and technical colleges across the country to measure real-world skills.

  • Educators use it to help students identify career interests, current skills or additional training needed to prepare for jobs.
  • Students can learn more about preparing for the WorkKeys test and how to use WorkKeys scores to determine possible job interests.
  • Parents can use it as a guide to help their son or daughter with future career plans.

WorkKeys® for Employers

High Turnover? Hard to Find and Keep Qualified Employees?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Turnover level keeps you awake at night.
  • Hiring qualified workers is a constant challenge.
  • Your training efforts and training dollars don’t show measurable results.
  • Your staff is working overtime and double shifts to make up for staff shortages and high turnover.

WorkKeys, ACT’s workplace assessment tool - the gold standard in skills testing - is used by thousands of companies worldwide. WorkKeys uses the same scale to score tests and measure job skills for quick comparisons between a person’s skill levels and the job requirements.

WorkKeys® and Economic Development Using WorkKeys®

A growing number of states, communities, and organizations are choosing the WorkKeys® system as the foundation for career readiness initiatives that energize their economic development and workforce strategies. Many of these initiatives incorporate the principles of the National Career Readiness Certificate™ by issuing state and local credentials that align with the national system.

Credentials that utilize three WorkKeys assessments - Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Readiness for Information - share many of the benefits provided by the National Career Readiness System. State and national programs that use this framework can achieve even greater outcomes by fully adopting the National Career Readiness Certificate as part of comprehensive workforce and economic development strategies. Broad use of WorkKeys to empower state, regional and local strategies demonstrates its capabilities to address a wide range of workforce and economic development objectives.

WorkKeys® and the Career Readiness Certificate™

The Career Readiness Certificate™ (CRC), based on the WorkKeys® job skills assessment system, gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills.

Certificate Levels
Individuals who score at certain levels on the three WorkKeys assessments will qualify for a certificate. The three WorkKeys assessments are as follows: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information.

Certificate WorkKeys Scores
Gold 5s and above
Silver 4s and above
Bronze 3s and above

Which Certificate Is Needed?

To learn the average WorkKeys scores needed by job title for more than 400 occupations, visit www.workkeys.com. Additional information is available at www.bishop.edu and www.alworkforce.dpe.edu.

There are 4 levels an individual may earn: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Bronze Level - Core employability skills for approximately 30% of jobs listed

Silver Level - Core employability skills for approximately 65% of jobs listed

Gold Level - Core employability skills for approximately 90% of jobs listed

Platinum Level - Core employability skills for approximately 99% of jobs listed

Employers - Demand a Skilled Workforce

When you recommend or require the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) for jobs in your workplace, you’ll tap into the most qualified labor pool in your area. When an applicant walks in with a CRC, you’ll be guaranteed that he or she possess basic foundational skills.

Use the certificate as a tool for:

  • Screening - Save time by interviewing only applicants who have the skills required for your jobs.
  • Hiring and promotion - A National Career Readiness Certificate can be used as a “plus” factor to help you make selection and promotion decisions.
  • Targeting employee training and development - Save money by using your training budget on employees with skill gaps.