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2022 - 2023 General Catalog and Student Handbook 
2022 - 2023 General Catalog and Student Handbook

College Directory

Olivier Charles, President

Executive Council

Agnew, Andrea Dean of Health Sciences 405-7124
Burton, Khalilah Dean of Instruction 405-7013
Crenshaw, Reginald Interim Dean of Students 405-7089
Davis, Jessica Chief Financial Officer 405-7040
Felton, David Dean of Applied and Career Technologies 405-7118
Payne, Frazier Special Assistant to the Chancellor 405-7127
Spears, Akareem Dean of Workforce and Economic Development 662-5368


Faculty and Staff

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Employee Name
Degree Type/Institution
Adams, Marcena Custodian Services Technician I 405-7170
Adams, Rhonda Instructor 662-5370
Allen, Michael Lab Assistant 660-1733
Angle, Courtney Custodian Services Technician I 405-7170
Austin, Deidre Secretary 405-7020
Baker, Arianna Recruiter 405-7026
Beech, Frances Instructor, Sociology B.S., M.A., University of South Alabama 405-7145
Blackmarr, Devin Administrative Assistant 405-4422
Bowers, Dwayne Instructor, Aviation Manufacturing A.S. Electrical Technology, R.E.T.S Electronics Institute  
Bradley, Bryant Recruiter 405-7024
Brouillette II, Kevin Communications and Visual Designer 405-7018
Bumpers, Claude Director of Institutional Research & Development 665-4139
Campbell, Kimberly Project Director  
Cartwright, Lauren Instructor, Mathematics M.S. Mathematics, University of South Alabama  
Caver-Eaton, LaSonja Instructor, Physical Therapy Assistant B.A., Wayne State University; A.A.S, Delgado Community College 405-4443
Cochran, Catherine Instructor, Speech B.A., Troy University; M.A., University of South Alabama 405-7175
Coleman, Lyle Instructor, Business & Economics  B.S., University of Alabama; M.B.A., University of South Alabama 405-7213
Coleman, Sara Instructor, Early Childhood Education M.A. Early Childhood Education, University of Mobile  
Cooks, Gladys Denise Instructor, Nursing M.S.N., University of Alabama at Birmingham, B.S.N., Jacksonville State University 405-4484
Corley, Jason Chair/Instructor, Automotive Technology Southwest State Technical College, A.A.S. Bishop State Community College 665-4097
Council, Latanya Records Specialist 405-7014
Crenshaw, Reginald Title III Coordinator 405-4420
Crockett, Patty Instructor, English B.A., Springhill College; M.Ed., University of South Alabama; Ed.S., University of West Florida 405-7096
Cunningham, Terry Library Staff 405-7044
Daughtry, Jeremy Dual Enrollment Instructional Specialist 405-7049
Dennis, Tammy Instructor, Biology B.S., M.S., Ed.S. University of South Alabama; Ed.D. Nova University 405-7254
Dickerson, Wade Instructor, Barbering A.O.T., Bishop State Community College  662-5379
Dickerson-Carter, Cora Instructor, Nursing M.S.N., University of South Alabama 405-4472
Dixon, Dorothy Director of Admissions & Enrollment 405-7097
Douglas, Henry Instructor, Culinary Arts A.A.S., Southern Institute 662-5374
Driscoll, Tracy Chair/ Instructor, Computer Information Systems B.S., University of Alabama; M.S., Regis University 405-7211
Dumas, Sarah Accounts Payable (Vendors M-Z) 405-7054
Eager, Trent Athletic Director/ Men’s Basketball Coach 405-7034
Escobio, Dana Instructor, English B.A., M.A., University of South Alabama 405-7119
Fairley, Vesta Instructor, Nursing R.N., M.S.N., University of South Alabama  405-4467
Finley, Britney Enrollment Specialist 405-7152
Fisher, Ontario Instructor, Adult Basic Education B.A., University of South Alabama, A.S., Bishop State Community College  
French, Rochelle Financial Aid Advisor 405-7019
Gable, Laneeka Secretary 662-5387
Gaither, Lisa Grants Administrator 405-7082
Getto, Kathleen Instructor, Adult Basic Education 662-5370
Giles, Mamie Senior Accountant 405-7023
Gilkerson, Erica Work Force Development, Project Lead  
Gill, Shermika Academic Advisor 405-7061
Glass, Ginger Director of Distance Education 405-7169 
Goodwin, Letecia Administrative Assistant 405-7040
Greggs, Artheldia FAME Coordinator/Success Coach 405-7118
Hackworth, Sylvester Chair/Instructor, Natural Sciences  B.S., M.A., University of Mobile; Ph.D., Walden University 405-4445
Hall, Tammy Instructor, Adult Basic Education 662-5370
Harris, Adria Women’s Basketball Coach/ Success Coach 405-7034
Harris, Karen Police Officer 665-4080
Harrison, Folayan Project Navigator 405-7230
Hattenstein, James Baseball Coach/Academic Advisor 405-7038
Hayes Ellis, Latonya Instructor, Mathematics A.A.S., Bishop State Community College; B.S., University of South Alabama, M.Ed., Alabama State University 405-7125
Hobbs, Sharnee Interim Director, Adult Education/ Instructional Coordinator 662-5395
Holder, Kenny Director of Facilities 405-7172
Host, Lydia Instructor, Art  B.F.A., University of South Alabama; M.L.A., Springhill College 405-7007
Hudson, Mary Accounts Payable (Vendors A-L) 405-7047
Hughes, Carol One Stop Advisor  
Hunter, Erica Instructor, Graphic Design  A.A.S., Bishop State Community College; B.S., M.S.,  Bellevue University 405-4118
Hunter, Terrance  Instructor, CADD/Drafting Technology M.B.A., Virginia College; Cert. DDT, Bishop State Community College  
Jackson Davis, Dewanda Work Force Development, Project Lead 662-5370
James, Nathaniel Police Officer 405-7060
Jurenka, Sarah Instructor, History B.S., M.A.T., University of West Alabama 405-7039
Kelly, Jaques Facilities Technician I 405-5388
Keshock, Nicole Volleyball Coach/ Success Coach 405-7030
Kimbrough, Mary Instructor, Art  B.F.A., Auburn University; M.F.A., University of Illinois 405-7218
King, Julie Instructor, English B.A.,M.Ed., University of Montevallo; Ed.S., University of West Florida 405-7244
King, Kyana Admissions Clerk 405-7004
King, Victoria Instructor, Nursing B.S.N., Tuskegee University; M.S.N., University of Mobile; D.N.P., Samford University 405-4493
Kit, William Chair/Instructor 405-7146
Labay, Theodore Associate Dean of Instruction 665-4088
Laffitte, Darline Instructor, Biology M.S., Prairie View A & M 405-4452
Lesueur, Sheila Secretary 405-7170
Lewis, Prinic Security Guard 405-7060
Little, Kelly Director of Accounting 405-7059
Lockwood, Walter Lab Assistant, Culinary Arts 662-5374
Lott, Michael Instructor, Diesel/Truck Driving A.U.M., Bishop State Community College 660-1733
Lowe, Vonicia Administrative Assistant  405-7012
Malone, Katherine Instructor, Mathematics B.S., Alabama A&M University; M. Ed., Alabama State University; Ed. D., University of West Florida 405-7220
Marshall, Raquel  Instructor, Electronics Engineering Technology M.S. Electrical Engineering, Tuskegee University  
Maull, Jerome Instructor, Welding A.S., Carver State Technical College; A.S., Bishop State Community College 662-5398
McCaine, Odessa Du Bose Instructor, Adult Basic Education B.S., Alabama Agricultural  
McCollum, Wade Instructor, Truck Driving Cert. Truck Driving, Bishop State Community College 660-1733
McCovery, Megan Library Speciaist 662-5374
McDonald, Symentha Coordinator of Student Activities  405-7017
McGallagher, Hudson Instructor, Diesel/Truck Driving A.S., Bishop State Community College  665-4120
McNeil, Yolanda International Student Advisor/Academic Advisor 405-7002
Meadows, Monica Softball Coach/Academic Advisor 405-7186
Mickles, Marsha Director of Library Services 405-7113
Moore, Terry Instructor, Welding B.S., University of Alabama 662-5381
Morrow, Randall  Instructor, Machine Tool Tech. A.A.S. Machine Tool Technology, Wallace State Community College  
Mosley, Simone Instructor, Mathematics M.S., University of South Alabama 405-7035
Mullen, Theodore Tutor 405-7126
Murphy, Gloria Secretary 405-7005
Onukwuli, Steven Help Desk Manager 405-7072
Parker, Clarence  Instructor, Electrical Technology B.S. in Fire Science, Columbia Southern University  
Parrish-Onukwuli, Kenya Director of Human Resources/Senior Personnel Officer  405-7133
Patton, Anthony Police Officer  405-7060
Payne, April Assistant Title III Coordinator, Carver Campus Campus 405-5366
Payne, Kayla Instructor, Nursing M.S.N., Nurse Educator, University of Alabama at Birmingham 405-4494
Peeples, Larene Instructor, Reading B.A., University of Alaska Anchorage; M.Ed., University of Central Oklahoma 405-7196
Perry, Victoria Main Campus, Counselor  405-7088
Pettway, Lee Custodian Services Technician II 662-5363
Pettway, Silvia Tutor 405-7008
Praytor IV, Hugh Thomas Instructor, Weekend Truck Driving A.S. General Education, Bishop State Community College 660-1733
Pugh, Connie Instructor, Adult Basic Education B.A., Norfolk State University  
Purifoy, Earl Data Entry 405-7147
Reese, Patricia Secretary/Office Manager 662-5369
Reza, Su-Sun D. Administrative Assistant 405-7136
Roberts, Kathleen Instructor, Natural Sciences Ph.D Plant and Soil Science, Alabama A&M University; M.S. Biology, Old Dominion University 405-4414
Robinson, Bridgette Instructor, Nursing Phd., Univeristy of Tennessee HSC  405-4464
Robinson, Lashondra Instructor, English B.A., University of Alabama; M.A., Penn State University; Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi 405-7246
Rodgers, Lachan Chair/Instructor, Cosmetology Bishop State Community College  405-4095
Rowser, Donjoli Academic Advisor 405-7057
Runderson, Gale Testing Proctor 405-7114
Sanderson, Courtney Instructor, Health Information Technology B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham, M.S., University of South Alabama  405-4454
Schlosser, Elizabeth Instructor, Biology B.S., University of Mobile; M.S., Alabama State University 405-7225
Scott, James Chair/Instructor, Pocess and Maintenance Technology M.A.T., University of South Alabama 405-4116
Sharp, Annalesia Instructor, Health Information Technology B.S. University of Alabama at Birmingham, M.S. Troy University 405-4453
Shaw, Amy Chair/Instructor Mathematics B.A., Huntingdon College; M.Ed., Columbus State University  405-7058
Shreves, Gary Facilities Technician I 405-7170
Smith, Caesar Instructor, History B.A., Bethune Cookman College; M.Ed., Valdosta State University; Th.D., International Bible Institute & Theological Seminary 405-7142
Smith, Kim Instructor, Speech B.S., M.A., University of South Alabama; Ed. D., University of West Florida 405-7180
Smoot, Desmond Facilities/HVAC Technician 405-7138
St. Fleur, Tina Cashier/ Accounts Recievable Clerk  405-7025
Stamps, Daphne Industry Liaison/Campus Administrative Support  665-4130
Steele, Courtney Director of Marketing and Public Relations  405-7135
Sterling, Gloria Administrative Assistant   405-7084
Stiell, Phillip Workforce Development 665-4082
Sullivan, Prendis Police Officer 405-7060
Sykes, Christiane One Stop Advisor 665-4081
Taylor, Danny Instructor, Welding B.S. Education Minor CTE, Athens State University;   Advanced Cert. Welding, Bevill State Community College  
Thomas, Deborah Custodian Services Technician I 405-7170
Thomas, Justin Tutor 405-7106
Thomas, Marandia Recruiter 405-7083
Towner, Waconda Restricted Funds Accountant 405-7050
Urbanek, Philip College Registrar/Admissions 405-7006
Vandiber, Tonikos Chief of Campus Police 405-7062
Wallace, Bradley Chair/Instructor, Truck Diving D.E.M., Southwest State Technical College;   A.A.S., Bishop State Community College;   B.S.,Athens State University 660-1733
Wallace, Terri Computer Specialist 405-7105
Waltman, Sandra Instructor, Physical Therapy Assistant B.S, University of South Alabama 405-4446
Watkins, Cherry ADA Coordinator  405-7094
Watkins, Tracy Cashier/ Accounts Recievable Clerk   twakins@bishop.ed 405-7046 
Webster, Jonathan Instructor 662-5370
West, Johnny Custodian Services Technician I  405-7170
Westry, Marcia Tutor Coordinator 405-7129
White, Cynthia Accounts Receivable Accountant 405-7016
Wilbanks, James Manager 405-7037
Williams, Irismarie Human Resource Generalist  405-7052
Williams, James Instructor, Adult Basic Education B.S., Mississippi Valley State University  
Williams, Larry Mail/Inventory Clerk 405-7154
Williams, Michelin Administrative Assistant  405-7087
Williams, Rhonda Purchasing Agent 405-7041
Williamson, Gail Director 405-4447
Wilson, Gabrielle Instructor, Culinary Arts M.Ed, Argosy University 662-5372
Wilson, James Instructor, HVAC Fast Track Program Cert. HVAC, Southwest State Technical College  
Womack, Juliette Research Assistant 662-5371
Wright, Jasmine Tutor 405-7107
Young, Al Facilities Technical II 405-7170